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Dear Followers…

I appreciate you following me very much, but I’ve decided that Tumblr is useless for my blogging needs so my page will be out of business until future notice. If you want to continue to read my blog posts, I would be absolutely thrilled if you visited either of my other blog sites:

You don’t need an account to read them, but you do to comment (and I LOVE comments). If you visit my Xanga blogsite, you have the option to use your Facebook account (and maybe others, I’m not sure) as your account name, so its super easy!

Once again, thank you, <3 you, and hopefully I’ll see you on my other sites!

Pheromones in Perfume

When I had the Slumber Party (see “sex toy party”) a few weeks ago, I ended up able to order a lot of free stuff. I’m not one to use sex toys, so I had a limited option of things to order. One of the items I ended up “purchasing” was a fancy little cologne/perfume item that was infused with pheromones. It smelled good, and I decided to give it a try, considering how short I am on suitors. 

I’ve only used it a few days, and I haven’t been in close contact with any males, so I don’t know if it does anything or not. 

I’ve always been skeptical of perfumes with pheromones in them. I know pheromones exist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if pheromones existed in humans. There have been a few studies to determine if it exists in humans, and several of them have supported the idea that they do. If we assume they do, then its a logical next step to think that maybe if we wear morepheromones, we will attract people more easily. I don’t whole-heartedly believe that because effect is often lost with the synthesis of chemicals, and because there may be a more delicate mechanism at play. 

That being said, I will continue to wear it at any given opportunity. If the pheromones don’t work, it at least still smells nice. Smelling nice usually works in your favor, regardless.

Have you ever used cologne or perfume with pheromones in it? Do you think they made you more attractive? Do you think that its possible they could have the desired effect?